Customer must know:

  • If purchase has been done during a sale event, using coupon, free shipping or any kind of "special event" refund can not be done. If one of the items purchased are sold out, must exchange it to any other item similar to the price of the sold out item.
  • Replacement of package can not be done, if your package still in transit, return back to us (due unclaimed package/no paying taxes/wrong address and etc), delay due to customs or courier. Specially in busy season tends to take deliver longer than usually. [Please, see shipping policy]
  • If you open a case with us due to a damage/broken/lost package or item; and your shipping method chosen was Express Mail. We will be sending you a replacement to your same shipping address, in case one of the items are sold out must exchange it to any other item similar price. To prepare for any cases of item damage or omission, we recommend filming an unboxing video when opening the parcel, FEDEX may ask.)
  • If you open a case with us due to a damage/broken/lost package or item; and your shipping method chosen was Standard Shipping. We reserve the right to decided whether we send a replacement or not. If we decide to send you a replacement, it will be on your next order. We will notify you, whether is it negative or positive decision.


To make sure you are purchasing the right product, please verify pictures and description box of each product. Product title may differs from product itself and this is due translation from Korean to English. Products title can not be changed due to brand and designers copyright protection. We are not accountable for any misinterpretation.

Items on sale

Items on sale, items purchased with coupon or discounted item are final sale.

Items Grade B

Items that are Grade B are final sale. Grade B means that there may be some imperfection on print, production or etc.

Parcel Theft

All our packages comes with tracking number. This way customer can follow up the route of their package without worrisome.

However, now that the busy season has started from the beginning of September until the end of January. Parcel theft increase by a 70% around the world [mostly in USA].

Only in USA 260 million of packages has been stolen in 2021 and each year grows. Nearly eight in 10 Americans have had a packages stolen them in 2022.

Please, be aware that we are not responsible of stolen packages. USPS/FEDEX won't take any responsibility if in their system it stated as "DELIVERED" and has proof of delivery image [FEDEX]

The information provided it from USPS or FEDEX is the same we have. We have no further or detailed information.

USPS may ask you to contact the sender. DuruNaru will be provided you the copy of the label for address confirmation.

If you feel that your community has reports of stolen packages or feel insure about whether your package will be delivered with no problem. As recommendation, it is better to call USPS/FEDEX and request to hold the package on the station for a pick up. Make sure to bring your ID where it shows your name and address as the same as shipping label.

By you purchasing from us, you are agreeing these terms.


July, 1st 2022






Also, this applies and it is connect to Shipping Policy, Return Policy, Exchange Policy, Replacement Policy. For some purchase with coupons may change the policy. Please, read thoroughly.