This terms and conditions are only for Duckyworld items.

Some items of duckyworld may have:

  • Bubbleish sleeves.
  • Bubbleish cover.
  • Illustration/color off.
  • Exposure of some glue.
  • Size may have a difference of 1 to 2 cm [sleeves for collect book and sleeve for photocard holders.
  • PVC section may have some hard marks, discoloring and etc.
  • Inside sleeves rip off, marked.
  • Some collect books and photocard holders may come with an illustration card. [It's a plus]
  • Less sleeves quantity that actually says in the description.
  • Sticky sleeves.
  • Change of chain unexpectedly.
  • Smaller size sleeve [collect book and photocard holder] than stated in the description box.
  • Unattached spine [we try our best to double check in this]
  • Narrow sleeve space.
  • and many more...

Even though we try our best to check all the items, sometimes there is some faulty items. That's the reason why we consider all Duckyworld items as "B" class. The company does not accept any kind of return or exchange.

Duckyworld items sub-brands:

  • Meowx2
  • Animelong
  • Petit Photo
  • Sanrio [some of the items]
  • Milko
  • Pink Bomb
  • KimHamshu
  • Sweet Tooth
  • Fruits#
  • Shugo Chara

The sale of the items from this brand are final and there is no refund/exchange on these items.

By purchase from us, you are agreeing to our terms and conditions.

July 1st, 2022